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February 2016


Pinterest Inpsired Dream Home

February 29, 2016

  So I figured, while I was dreaming on Pinterest I would show you guys what I’ve been dreaming about! I’m thinking… 10 years, rich husband, luxury mansion.  Ahh the perks of dating a nerd!  The style that I’m in love with is a royal, rococo, glam, luxury look.  You can find all these images, and more from my Pinterest board, Dream home.…


Beauty Oil: Avacado Oil

February 18, 2016

  In this beauty oil series, I’ve made posts about coconut oil. Today I’d like to share with you a lesser known oil, Avocado Oil. I’m excited to share this oil with you because its amazing to include in your beauty regimen! If avocados are considered a super-food, then best believe that avocado oil is the !…


How to do Your Chemical Peels at Home♚

February 17, 2016

  When people who knew me back in the day see me now, they usually say to me “Omg, your skin is amazing! What have you been doing?  Girl, come into my office, lets have a chat.  If you have acne or acne scars, what I suggest that you do is do a little bit of research on getting a chemical peel.  A chemical peel is a method…