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March 2017


Too Faced Hangover RX Primer

March 29, 2017

Once there was a little girl named Jasmine who bought a Too Faced palette online. With it came free samples, of which she hastily selected a few. When the package came, she didn’t think much of the samples. She tossed them aside while she admired her new Chocolate Bar. Little did she know, that was a huge mistake. With that package, hidden in the pink Easter grass was…


Shea Moisture Rose Shampoo

March 25, 2017

For those of you like me who are on the curly girl method of hair care, finding shampoo (and conditioner for that matter) that works for your hair and fits the requirements (NO sulfates, silicones, or alchohols) is the bane of your existence.  I mean seriously , who has the time to read and decipher all these ingredients? I want a shampoo, not a homework assignment. When I…